I'm Matt Lewis.

I grew up in Wausau, Wisconsin. After high school, I moved to Minneapolis and attended the University of MinnesotaGo Gophers!. I earned my undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering in December 2014.

I currently live in Denver, CO and seek a position as a software engineer. I'm strongest in backend work and have experience in frontend, iOS, and Android dev.

My last position was as a technical project manager at Rachio in Denver. My work focused on deploying BDD test automation for production apps, designing product experiences, facilitating user research, and managing tooling to support internal teams.

Before that, I was a product developer at Punch Through in Minneapolis. My work there focused on our development board for makers, the LightBlue Bean. I led development on our iOS and Android apps. I built the Bean Cloud CompilerAs a proprietary web service, the Cloud Compiler doesn't have a website. Sorry. to compile Arduino sketches for our mobile apps. I also managed and maintained our website and store.

I adore planes and aspire to get my private pilot's license. I enjoy motorcycling with friends around twisty back roadsRight now I'm riding a 1993 KLR650.. When the weather is nice, I love camping, canoeingSee my latest trip to the Boundary Waters., and mountain biking. Other interests of mine include science fiction, blinky lights, and open-source softwareSee my GitHub profile and this site's source..

My résumé is available here (PDF). Please feel free to contact me via email at matt@mplewis.com.