I'm Matt Lewis.

I live in Longmont, CO enjoying the mountains, the sunshine, and the wildlife. Before this, I lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota, graduated from the University of MinnesotaGo Gophers! in Computer Engineering in 2014, and grew up in Wausau, Wisconsin.

I work as an infrastructure and site reliability engineer and am currently available for full-time remote employment. I'm the right person to build your next cloud-native project and prepare your company for massive scale. Email me, read my résumé (PDF), or connect with me on LinkedIn.

In past lives, I've worked in enterprise email security at Material Security, power conservation at Uplight, TV streaming at T-Mobile, payroll at Gusto, and Bluetooth devices and apps at Punch Through Design.

I write software.

I lead software engineering for Women's Directory, a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to make it easier for women to access the help they need and deserve. Women's Directory provides a list of free resources for women in need in the Denver area. Our software is open-source, MIT-licensed, and available on GitHub.

In my free time, I write open-source softwareFind more at my GitHub profile. to solve my own problems and help other people with theirs:

Once I gave a talk at Denver Startup Week titled Frontend Doesn't Suck Anymore: It's 2017 and the web is fun again. Learn how to move out of the backend and embrace the good parts of the modern browser.

I do stuff.

I help run Colorado Tech Community, a friendly space on Discord for all sorts of people in the Colorado tech sphere. We'd love to have you there chatting with us!

Photography has been one of my artistic loves since high school. I sell prints of my best photos. Lately I've been expanding into video with a vintage Hi-8 Sony camcorder from my childhood, publishing short videos on YouTube.

I travel and scuba dive as much as I can. I'd love to talk about my favorites – Ireland, France, Japan, the Philippines – or wherever you've been recently. I also play a lot of Tradle.

I write from time to time on my technical blog, Kestrel Development. I also run a personal newsletter for friends and family in lieu of social media.

I make and sell original stickers on Redbubble, vintage poster restorations and original adaptations on Society6, and tiny things on Etsy.

I love spending time on lots of other special interests too. I'll always make time to chat with you about gardening, 3D printing, motorcycles, bicycles, or airplanes.

Let's talk.

My résumé is available here (PDF). Please feel free to contact me via email at matt@mplewis.com or connect with me on LinkedIn.